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Water Polo teams in the NCAA are able to fund 4 full scholarships for men, while women’s teams can award 8. Due to these limitations, the majority of Water Polo scholarships will not cover the full cost of attendance for all athletes. Ambitious Water Polo players need to put their academics first. Achieving a high SAT score and a top GPA is essential in obtaining academic merit awards that can contribute to your overall scholarship.

It is important to note that the majority of the colleges who play Water Polo in the USA, are your “Elite Universities,” meaning players will need to be exceptionally good in the pool as well as in the classroom.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Scholarship Requirements

NCAA Division 1

Time spent representing national team3 years3 years
Time spent representing provincial team4 years4 years
Time spent representing 1st Team4 years4 years
Academic StatusTop AcademicTop Academic

NCAA Division 2

Time spent representing national teamFor Age Group, Min 1 YearFor Age Group, Min 1 Year
Time spent representing provincial team4 years4 years
Currie Cup Memeber StatusSenior
Time spent representing 1st Team4 years4 years
Academic StatusTop AcademicTop Academic

video requirements


Video footage is a critical component for international student athletes who are looking for water polo scholarships. A video is the only way USA coaches will be able to review and analyse your skills and capabilities. Please see the specific features required for a highlights video, listed below.

What to include in your highlights video

Hole Man/ Forward/ Hole Set

  • Shooting and Scoring Ability
  • Play-Making
  • Speed
  • Vision & Awareness
  • Athleticism

​Hole Man Marker/ Center Back/ Set Guard

  • Ability to Defend
  • Ability to Steal
  • Speed Ability to Front

Point/ Fetch/ Wings

  • Shooting and Scoring Ability
  • Play-Making
  • Speed
  • Vision & Awareness
  • Athleticism


  • Diving (High & Low)
  • High Balls
  • Lateral Saves
  • 5-Metre Shots

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