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We believe that athletes shouldn’t have to worry about how to get a quality education. We know how daunting the USA university admissions process can be, and have made it our mission to simplify it. Since inception, we have helped over 400 athletes study in the USA and have secured over $40 Million in scholarship money for them.

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Aspire Atlantic is a USA University Sports Consultancy that helps athletes find university scholarships. College sport is a global phenomenon that enables students to use their sports ability to earn world-class degrees in the USA. If you believe you have what it takes to make it in the USA. Apply now, and we will help plan your college sports career.



Take the stress out of the process and be guided step by step.

  • Apply: Complete the application.
  • Speak with a scout: Who will provide more info. 
  • Receive customised plan: Recieve a plan built around your needs. 
  • Win a scholarship: Receive offers and choose the best one.
  • Live your dream: Jet off to the USA, start your studies, and live your dream.


How We Help

How we help

We identify talented students, introduce them to the USA’s best universities, help navigate the complicated scholarship acquisition process, and complete all the paperwork. With the help of our highly skilled employees, students navigate this process quickly and easily.

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College sports is a billion-dollar industry, with some college football programmes earning up to $100 million each year. This enables USA Universities to remain at the cutting edge of educational excellence while being able to have some of the worlds best athletic facilities.

Over 350 sportsmen and women have used Aspire Atlantic to win scholarships to universities such as Princeton, UCLA, University of Michigan, Dartmouth and the University of Texas, etc. These students live a life similar to that of a professional, but instead of getting paid, they live out their sports dreams and receive a world-class degree.

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