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College sports in the USA is much bigger than university sports anywhere else in the world. American colleges invest billions into their teams and facilities, which allows them to feed talent directly onto the professional stage.​ The life of a top division 1 student-athlete is similar to that of a professional, but instead of getting paid, students receive scholarships while having to balance their academic performances with practices and matches. Currently, NCAA colleges invest over $3.2 billion into their sports programmes.

Aspire Atlantic 5Stars


​Aspire Atlantic is a USA University Scholarship Agency. Here at Aspire Atlantic, we bridge the gap between talent and opportunity for students aspiring to study in America. Students using our services are assisted by expert recruitment consultants throughout the entire university procurement process and are quickly linked up to institutions that best suit their academic, athletic and financial needs.


How we can help

We are able to facilitate USA sports scholarships by identifying talented students and introducing them to the best universities in the world, while helping them navigate the complicated scholarship acquisition process. South African parents and students often struggle with the university applications, preparing for the SAT exam and applying for student Visas. As a result, we have developed a highly specialised programme to help make their international student aspirations a reality.

Students are forced to engage in a highly regulated and competitive recruitment process in which they are met with a barrage of standards and barriers before being accepted. Students using our services are helped to navigate this process quickly and are guided through the entire scholarship procurement process by our highly skilled employees. Our goal is to ensure that students not only receive an excellent education but a fantastic experience too.

Once we have identified a talented student, we find scholarships at universities suited to their abilities in a location that fits their personality. We do this by isolating colleges the student is academically and athletically eligible to attend, and that has the degree the student wishes to pursue. We market these students, register them with the appropriate athletic association, facilitate the SAT examination process and negotiate the best scholarships available.


Thank you Aspire Atlantic, it has been a long and exciting journey since our first Skype with Tyler back in 2016. Three years have passed, and I just want to let you know how impressed I am with your company. I am so very grateful (and proud) to be part of your story and not only our son’s. Thank you for bearing with us as we took on this adventure to seek Ronen’s next chapter in life. He is so happy at his new university.

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​I was a part of the Aspire Atlantic program for three years before moving to Augustana University in South Dakota, to join their swimming team. Aspire Atlantic helped me through the whole process. They helped with setting up skype interviews with coaches, booking and preparing for the SAT exam and helped weigh up all my university options. Tamryn and Gerhard were always willing to assist. I'm so honoured to have had this amazing opportunity to swim at the collegiate level while studying towards my goal of becoming a doctor. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to swim and study in the United States, and I can't believe it's finally here. Thank you Aspire Atlantic for making my dreams a reality!

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I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation of what Aspire Atlantic has done to help Angel realize her dream. When Angel first expressed her desire to study and play hockey in America, we thought this was something impossible and beyond our means. However, Angel did not stop asking, and she did not stop dreaming. Joining Aspire Atlantic was one of the best decisions we made. Your professionalism and dedication in finding Angel a full scholarship was remarkable. As we speak, she is at Ball State University; she has met her new teammates, had an orientation with her academic advisor and is loving her new life. We do miss her, but she is extremely happy, and we know she is in the right place.

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