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Many South Africans who are aspiring to study in the USA will need to write the SAT exam, in order to apply to their dream universities. But how does one go about writing the SAT exam in South Africa? Before you even think about starting to study, you need to know how to book a spot to get your test written. We’ve put together a guide to help you register for the SAT in South Africa below. Read on to learn all you need to know!

Here are a few easy steps to follow to register for the SAT in South Africa:

  1. Register Yourself
  2. Add Personal Info
  3. Build a Student Profile
  4. Select a Testing Centre
  5. Upload Photos
  6. SAT Study Guide
  7. Checkout

1. Register Yourself

First, create an account on the College Board website. College Board is the global administrator of the SAT exam, and hosts the exam at thousands of venues around the world – including at multiple venues around South Africa.

Once on the web page, click on the “Register Now” button, choose a username and password, and follow the registration process. The registration process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. The time depends on how prepared you are – and we’re here to help you by making this process as easy as possible! ​​

2. Add Personal Info:

The Personal Info section of the registration process is the first piece of registering for the SAT, and in South Africa, will present your first obstacle. Here, you will be asked to provide general information about yourself, including your age, address, and high school. Issues may arise when the process requires you to select your high school from the drop-down list, as South African High Schools are not usually listed. At this point, you need to navigate to the “Search School” field where you will need to enter the code “000004”. This code will allow you to select the option “My High School is Not Listed – International”, which will in turn enable you to proceed to the next section.

3. Build Student Profile:

The Student Profile section builds your academic profile from Grade 9 to your current grade. For this section, you will need to have your report cards on hand. The questions in this section are used mainly for data collection, so don’t worry if you need to guess for some of the answers. The College Board collects this information in order to allow universities to market to potential students that fit their criteria in various areas.

While there are plenty of questions in this section, many of them are not compulsory, and your answers will not have any impact on your test registration or SAT score.

4. Select a Testing Center:

Unlike any guessing you may have done in the Student Profile section above, It is very important that you select the correct date and testing venue. It goes without saying that in order to write in South Africa, you need to register for the SAT at a location in South Africa! In the Search Bar, you will need to type “South Africa” and press enter. This will bring up a list of all the testing centres in the country that have space available for you to register at. From this list of locations, select the testing centre that is most convenient for you.

5. Upload Photos: 

Once you have selected your date and venue, you will be required to upload an ID photo. This picture will be printed on your admission ticket, which you will need to enter the venue on testing day. Please ensure that you follow the picture requirements, as the admissions ticket grants you entry into the testing venue. Your profile picture needs to be a clear head and shoulder colour photo, on a plain background, with nothing obstructing your face.

Hats are not allowed, but religious headscarves are permitted. The picture must show your facial features, so your scarf must be tucked neatly behind your ears. The photo can be taken on your smartphone; that being said, we find that students’ school photos work best.

6. SAT Study Guide: 

In this section, you have the option to purchase the SAT Study Guide from College Board. Ordering the book this way is not the most efficient, as shipping the book to you will take time. We recommend that students create a free account on Khan Academy – an online portal with tutorial videos, exercises, and practice tests to help you prepare. Alternatively, you can find a test prep tutor, either through Aspire Atlantic or our partners, Genius Premium Tuition. Start studying early – this exam is tougher than you might think!​

7. Checkout:

The last step in registering for the SAT exam in South Africa is for you to make payment. The College Board will accept Visa and MasterCard. The current cost of the SAT Exam with the Essay is $125.50. Make sure you register before the deadline as if you miss it you will be wait listed. If a spot opens up and you are admitted off the waitlist, you will have to pay an extra fee. The late registration fee is $35.50.

​Congratulations! You have now successfully registered for your SAT Exam. Print out your admission ticket and read through the exam instructions. These instructions will cover the time you need to be there and what you will be allowed to bring into the testing venue with you. When test day arrives, make sure you arrive on time, stay calm, and do your best. Good luck!

Remember, it’s always the perfect time to begin your journey towards studying at the university of your dreams. Sign up here for a free consultation with one of our recruitment experts. You could join over 300 student-athletes already placed in the USA, competing at the highest level and earning a world-class degree!


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