Interested in interacting with us first-hand? Here are all of our upcoming live events – webinars, seminars, sports days, and tours. During the lockdown, we will be hosting regular webinars to explain the process of procuring a Sports Scholarship to a University in the USA. These webinars are free to join, and we will answer any questions you have about US University admissions and the scholarship process. Aspire Atlantic schedules and runs tours of the USA to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to visit their favourite campuses and showcase their skills to American coaches in person. There are also sports days where students can display their potential and make a case for joining the Aspire Atlantic Scholarship Program. There are also audience-specific seminars, webinars, and chats that Aspire Atlantic can set up, to speak to clubs or schools and answer questions that aspiring student-athletes may have
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A Guide to the NCAA

The NCAA is a large and complex organization that can be difficult to navigate. From what they do, to academic eligibility requirements, it can be tough to know where to start! In this blog, we’ve put together a guide just for you, so you can learn the basics.

Athlete Video Highlights: Why Are They Important?

The athlete highlight video is an important part of the scholarship process. In this blog, we explore why that is, and share some tips on how to make a killer reel!

Junior College to University: The Pathway

This blog explains the pathway from Junior College to University: why some students choose the JUCO route, and the benefits it can hold.

How Can South Africans Study in the USA on Scholarship?

This post explores the benefits of studying abroad and how South Africans can win sports scholarships to USA Universities. If you’re looking for advice on how to start looking for a scholarship, you’ll find it here!

Top Tips to Win a USA University Sports Scholarship

If you are a high school student who is dreaming of winning a sports scholarship to a USA University or college, we have all the tips you need to get started right here!

How to Win a Swimming Scholarship to a USA University

Have you ever wondered about winning a swimming scholarship to a USA University? This article can fill you in on all the tips and tricks that can improve your chances of studying in the USA on a swimming scholarship – and give some insight as to how the recruiting process works.

Stand Out: How to Choose the Best Extracurriculars for Your College Application

Extracurriculars are an important part of any college application, but how do you choose which ones to do? This post goes into things to think about when choosing which extracurriculars to do in high school.

How to Win an Athletics Scholarship to a USA University

This week’s blog deals with winning a track & field scholarship: what the requirements are, how to improve your times, and what to do to give you the best chance of winning a scholarship.

South African Successes in the USA

There is something unique about the USA. It is a country where dreams come alive and opportunity breathes freely. It is also a place where South Africans have found great success. Whether innovating in their sector, performing to millions, or breaking barriers on the...

How To Register for the ACT Test in South Africa

This blog post looks at the ACT test – what it is, what it contains, and how you can register for it and write it in South Africa.