The Best Sights to See in the USA

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The United States of America can be regarded as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. It has some of the most diverse destinations – from coastlines and big cities, to evergreen countryside and small town homeliness, the USA has it all. But what exactly are the best sights to see in the USA?

Whenever you visit a country, one always wants to go to the “best sights”. However, what exactly these sights are might differ from person to person. So, for a college student, which places might be considered the most iconic to visit?

For me, there are three experiences that you should aim for during your time in the States: 

  • Times Square, in New York 
  • The White House, in Washington, DC 
  • Disneyland or Rodeo Drive, in Los Angeles, CA
Times Square in New York City is one of the world’s most famous sights

But let’s talk about the places surrounding your college or university. If you could choose where you could spend the next four years of your life – not only studying, but also (and most importantly) living – where would you go ? 

If you like to get lost in the waves or watch the high tides, you will want to consider applying to Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles, CA – the University of Silicon Beach. LMU is located minutes away from Venice Beach, surrounded by diverse people, incredible food, and the inspiration of constant tech and innovation startup companies. 

Getting Away From College

When you think of college students, spring break, and beaches, only one destination really comes to mind: Miami, Florida. Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and is home to some of America’s richest and most famous. But why is it that Miami attracts more college students than any other beach in America? Well, this is because Miami is a college student’s unwinding haven, with world class nightlife, designer shopping, cultural towns, and first class hotels. The attractions of Miami extend far beyond its sand and sun. 

If you’re more of an admirer of the big city lights, then the Big Apple is where you want to be. New York University (NYU) is regarded as one of the US’s best “big city” universities, and has networking and job opportunities galore. This is due to many companies being based in New York City, giving students an array of internship and job options in almost every industry. In addition, NYC has some of the best sights in the USA, from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty.

Love Sports? 

As a student-athlete in the USA, you have to visit Chicago. With sports games hosted all year round, you can never go wrong in the heart of Illinois. In the spring, catch two of Chicago’s most historic baseball franchises in the MLB: the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. Want to feel closer to home? Chicago Fire soccer team has you covered. The Fire have competed in the MLS since 1997, and their fans will have you cheering at the top of your lungs. “Come on you men in red!”

Never been to an ice hockey game? The Chicago Blackhawks hockey team have won the National Hockey League six times. They are also one of the “Original Six” NHL teams, with the record to prove it. Love American Football? The Chicago Bears are one of the NFL’s most iconic franchises, rocking their sweet blue and orange kits. They sell out tickets faster than any other NFL team – so if you’re in Chicago, you better get yours quick! And last but certainly not least, basketball. Chicago is home to the Chicago Bulls, the original team of NBA legend Michael Jordan. Their home court, the United Center, has both internal and external fan experiences and monuments. For sports in the USA there is no better choice than Chicago.

Out In The Wild

Prefer to tune out the crashing waves and clustered cities? Many students desire a sanctuary of learning, surrounded by nature and the wilderness. Universities that offer a more rural experience are located in the countryside and in small towns. These institutions often have a close-knit community of learners who have access to mountains and scenic rivers. Institutions that provide this learning experience include the University of Virginia, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, and Penn State University, to name a few. Some of these universities have the unique privilege of being some of the best sights to see in the USA themselves, with gorgeous architecture and amazing backdrops.

Dartmouth College has one of the USA’s most beautiful campuses

If you’re a sucker for gorgeous landscapes, wildlife, and outdoor activities, you have to visit the midwestern state of Colorado. Colorado is best known for its beautiful, vivid landscapes of plateaus, mountains, canyons, and hot springs. Colorado ranks fourth in the USA for number of National Parks: Rocky Mountain, which holds crystal clear lakes and gushing waterfalls; Mesa Verde, with relics of ancient inhabitants and entire villages nestled into cracks of the canyon walls; Great Sand Dunes, with the highest and most unique sand dunes and desert terrain; and Black Canyon of the Gunnison, remote enough to make one feel undiscovered, remote, and alone. 

Although this may not be your traditional list of the best sights to see in the USA, these experiences and surroundings are certainly worth the effort. No matter what your taste is, the USA has something for you. If you love it, then all you have to do is find it!

Remember, it’s always the perfect time to begin your journey towards studying at the university of your dreams. Sign up here for a free consultation with one of our recruitment experts. You could join over 300 student-athletes already placed in the USA, competing at the highest level and earning a world-class degree!


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