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The first intercollegiate tennis championship was held in 1883, with Harvard winning the inaugural college title. Since then, tennis has become a tremendously popular college sport, boasting more than 1600 men’s and women’s teams in the NCAA alone. Tennis is played in every division of all the three major athletic associations, with many colleges offering lucrative scholarships to attract the world’s top players.

If playing professional tennis is your dream, the USA college system offer a great pathway which has been followed by some of the biggest names in tennis, such as John McEnroe, John Isner, and Kevin Anderson.

​Tennis Scholarships

Tennis scholarships are distributed differently depending on which division and association the colleges are in. For example, NCAA Division I tennis teams are allowed to give their women 8 full scholarships and their men’s teams 4.5. Division II women’s teams get 6 full scholarships and the men’s team receive 4.5. Division III teams do not offer any sports-related scholarships, instead awarding academic scholarships to high-achieving students. NAIA colleges provide the same number of tennis scholarships as the NCAA D1; meanwhile, NJCAA colleges are the most generous, offering 9 full scholarships each to their men’s and women’s teams.

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Your journey to the school of your dreams could begin right now! It is better to start early, as this will allow you time to collect video footage, put together your sports resume, and write the SAT with enough time to find an offer from your ideal school and program. Generally, a good time to start the process is at the beginning of Grade 10. Apply now to speak to one of our expert recruiters who can answer all your questions about the college sport scholarship recruitment process!

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