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College golf is played at over 1200 universities across all three major sporting associations in the USA. The NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.

NCAA Division 1 (D1) men’s golf teams get 4 full scholarships per team, while their Division 2 (D2) counterparts only get 3.6 per team. D1 women golfers get slightly more with 6 Full-Rides while D2 teams get 5.4 scholarships per team. NCAA Division 3 (D3) teams do not give out athletic scholarships; however, students with good grades and top SAT scores may receive academic scholarships from coaches.

At NAIA Colleges, women golfers get 6 full scholarships per team, while the men’s teams only get 4.5. NJCAA programmes, offer the most generous amounts of scholarships to their golfers with 8 provided to both men and women.

Universities in the Western and Southern regions of the USA will compete all year round; while, colleges in the Northeast and Midwest are not able to play all year due to the harsh winters. Institutions in these areas will have high-tech indoor facilities, equipped with the best technologies to simulate real-life conditions for their golfers.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Scholarship Requirements


Tournament Average7073
Province rankingTop 5Top 5
Average Driving Distance250m215m


Tournament average7175
Province rankingTop 10Top 10
Average Driving Distance240m205m

video requirements

Video footage is very important when searching for golf scholarships. Below is a list of requirements you need to include in your highlights video.

What To Include In Your Highlights Video

How To Film For Golf

  • Keep the camera steady
  • Don’t zoom in or out
  • Full swings from behind the camera should be at hip-height
  • Full swings from behind the camera should be in line with the hands
  • Full swings from face-on the camera should be perpendicular to the golfer

What To Film For Golf

  • 2 swings full speed from behind and face-on
  • 2 swings in slo-motion from behind and face-on
  • 2 swings full speed from behind and face-onĀ 
  • 2 swings in slo-motion from behind and face-on
  • 2 putts from behind and face-on from 15 feet
  • 2 putts from behind and face on from 5 feet
  • 1 swing from behind normal speed
  • 1 swing from face-on normal speed
  • 1 swing from the target (following the ball and showing it stopping next to the flag)
  • 1 swing from behind normal speed
  • 1 swing from face-on normal speed
  • 1 swing from the target (following the ball and showing it stopping next to the flag)


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