Getting Started

How do I get started?

Visit our “Services” page, choose the program you like and complete the sign-up form. A representative will contact you within 24 hours of your submission. 

When should I join the program?

It is wise to begin your international university search in grade 10 of high school. Do not wait until grade 12; you need to start this process early to ensure your academics, sports and extracurriculars are in order. 

Why is Aspire Atlantic's best program less than half the price of competitors?

We are a South African Company tailored to the South African market and our prices reflect that. We believe in providing opportunities to talented students across the continent and not only to students who come from highly privileged families. We believe talent should have equal opportunities regardless of their background and we have built our packages accordingly. We differ to competition by taking over the entire admissions and application process, meaning we do the admin for you. 

What subjects do I need to take?

Students looking to study in the USA will need to take the SAT while Student-Athletes will need to take specific subjects. Contact us for more info on these subjects. ​

Are there deadlines?

For scholarship candidates, a deadline given for application only. If the application deadline is missed, the candidate would only be eligible as an admissions candidate. We do this to test character and commitment to their internationals studies. Once the application has been accepted there is no obligation to join our programme and can then defer.

Do I need to pay Aspire Atlantic before applying to the programme?

No, there are no financial commitments before application. Once the applicant has been interviewed and applied, the materials will be reviewed and if accepted, we will send you an agreement. Once the agreement has been signed and returned, payments would begin.


What is a GPA?

GPA is an American grading system. Essentially, it is your high school marks that are converted into an average out of 4 points. GPA stands for “Grade Point Average” and is based on points assigned to your school marks from Grade 9 through to Grade 12.

What is the SAT?

​The SAT is a USA admission test that show universities how you compare to other students. The exam will test the Reading, Writing and Maths skills that you gained throughout your high school career.

​​Students should take SAT during grade 11 or early in grade 12. ​There are multiple testing locations in each country. When you have registered for the SAT, you will be able to pick the closest location to you.

Highly selective universities, such as the Ivy Leagues, only choose students who score above 1400 out of 1600 on SAT exam. There are many other universities with lower averages; however, 1250 points should get you into most universities.

Do you offer any help for SAT prep?

​No, not as Aspire Atlantic. However, we have partnered up with Genius Premium Tuition who would be able to assist.

What is the TOEFL exam?

​The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an exam that must be taken to establish an internationals students English speaking ability.

What marks do I need to get academic financial aid?

​USA universities look at the difficulty of your subject choices, marks, extra-curricular activities and community service. If you require academic financial aid, you will likely need to have an A average with a very high SAT exam score.


Do we guarantee entry into a university of your choice or any university?

We do not guarantee entry into a university of your choice as you may not reach their standards. No agency can. As an educational consultancy we look at you holistically and help you find an institution that best aligns with your aptitudes. Schools that meet your abilities are called best-fit schools and may not be the ones you have heard of before.

How long does it take to get into a university?

​Acceptance into a university depends on where you apply. Some have deadlines, and some have rolling admissions and accept applications until they are full. USA Universities usually respond to students by March. 

When do the universities start?

USA universities start in September and end in May/ July of the following year. 

What if I don't get accepted into a university?

We build you a list of 15 schools. By doing the below, this methodology accounts for all situations. 
– 5 Reach schools (These are institutions are of your choosing – These may, or may not, be out of your reach) 
– 5 Target schools (These are institutions where your grades and aptitudes align perfectly with that of the universities)
– 5 Bank schools (These are institutions are places that you would like to attend but your aptitudes and abilities are higher than that of the average students) 



​Scholarships vary from institution to institution. The average cost that qualified Aspire Atlantic students pay is between $8,000 to $12,000 per year. Finding the right college versus receiving a 100% Scholarship is a balancing act that students and parents will need to weigh up. ​NOTE: Aspire Atlantic’s scholarship programs are only for the USA.

Sports Scholarships

These are awarded by the college on the basis of sporting ability. ​

Parents and students need to show interest in the team or university that is trying to recruit them. Be proactive, send emails, make follow up calls and be easy to reach. Playing a sport in the USA is very difficult as it is a massively competitive market, so do not hesitate to answer your emails and express your interest with the recruiter.

Athletes need to be a game changer in their respective sport, but academics are a vital component too. If an athlete has good grades and scores well on their SAT/ACT exams, coaches will know that they will not have to baby sit athletes to ensure they have met the minimum academic requirements. It’s important to note that if you do not meet the minimum academic requirements of a 2.0 Grade Point Average, you will not be able to play.

What percentage scholarship will I receive for playing sports?

​This depends on timing, your natural ability and the level of competition your desired university competes in. If you have been accepted into Aspire Atlantic Scholarship Programme, you will receive multiple scholarship offers from different USA Universities. You may receive a 50% Scholarship from a Division 1 team or a 100% scholarship from a division 2 team. It is up to you to make the right choice based on finances, degree, and university ranking. 

Academic Financial Aid

These are awarded by the college on the basis of academic ability. ​ Each university would provide their own scholarships which may differ wildly. Amounts would only be finalized after one has applied and been accepted. 

Arts & Drama Scholarships

These are awarded by the college on the basis of Arts & drama ability. ​

International & Diversity Student Grants

These are awarded on the basis of diversity and achieving a balanced student body, usually awarded to people of colour and international students.​

Need Based Financial Aid

This is not a scholarship, however, financial aid is awarded to students who meet the college acceptance requirements but cannot afford the financial burden of attending the college. Not all universities provided this type of funding. ​

What will a full scholarship cover?

A full scholarship will cover housing, food, tuition and books. ​

What is a full tuition scholarship?

​NOTE: this is different from a full scholarship. A full-tuition scholarship will cover your tuition fees. You will still need to pay for housing, food, and books. 


How much does university cost?

You are looking at spending anywhere between $12,000 and $50,000 per year in the USA.

Can you work as an international student?

Yes; however, student visas do not allow full-time employment. You may work part time up to 10 hours per week in the USA.

Still need help? Send us a note!

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