College Superstar: Karvel Anderson

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There are sports superstars that everyone around the world is familiar with. People like LeBron James, Serena Williams, Tom Brady, Megan Rapinoe, Lionel Messi, or Siya Kolisi are instantly recognizable on a global scale thanks to their talent and achievements at the highest level. Some stars, however, become famous before reaching adulthood. A few sportsmen and women have the rare talent that allows them to reach the peak of their sport while at university. Sometimes, they can become stars of the collegiate sports world. In this post, we look at a specific college superstar: Karvel Anderson.

Pom-poms glisten under the stadium lights, as cheerleaders root from the sidelines and the fans show their support, sitting at the edge of their seats as Robert Morris University take on the University of Texas Arlington in a nail-biting matchup. Karvel Anderson, RMU’s leading points scorer and team captain, answers the team’s desperate call for a win. He sinks his eighth 3-pointer of the night, securing RMU’s victory and obliterating the other team’s hopes in the process. But behind Anderson’s success is a life scarred by tribulation and chaos. Despite the constant battles, against all odds, Anderson fought through a difficult adolescent life to become a straight-A college student on a scholarship to a DI program.

Surviving and Thriving – Against The Odds

Losing his mother to prison and dealing with an absent father, Anderson bounced between friends and family, where money was tight and guidance was rare. As Anderson watched the hats fell on graduation day, he was left wondering: where to next?

Anderson has now become the first in his family to graduate and obtain a bachelor’s degree. Against infinite odds, Anderson became the exception to the long, sad shelf of research that says kids like him are destined for prison cells and early coffins. But Anderson’s transformation is more than a personal triumph. It’s a success story and a public display of what teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds are capable of, scaling new heights on the economic ladder in the process. Anderson wanted to prove everyone wrong.

A brief look into the life of Karvel Anderson

When Anderson was born, his mother was just 14 years old. His early childhood involved him moving around from one city to the next, before his mother got into drug abuse. By freshman year of high school, Anderson was left with no choice but to live with his uncle. Following a tumultuous period with his uncle, Anderson ran away and lived under a bridge near a park where he played basketball. In order to make ends meet, Anderson would frequently visit the local store and steal some food to get by. He often made use of the bathroom at the local hospital to shower and get ready for school.

Fortunately for Anderson, he couldn’t keep this life a secret much longer. It was then that his high school basketball coach figured out what was going on and decided to take him in, giving him a place to stay and a place to call home. Just when life began to stabilize, Anderson’s mother was arrested for drug trafficking and received a sentence of 3-6 years. He later moved in with his grandfather. Stability disappeared there too when his grandfather lost his job, denying him the ability to support 2 younger sisters and an ailing grandmother.

Choosing To Succeed

Anderson was never crushed by his problems. He wasn’t consumed with blame and rage. Anderson was fueled by his adversity. His breakthrough came on the last home game of his high school basketball career. On that night, he broke the school scoring record. He impressed coaches enough to win a scholarship and pulled his grades up to earn him admission into junior college. This set Karvel Anderson on the path to becoming a college superstar.

Playing His Way Up The College Ladder

Karvel started at junior college, and after moving around found himself a home at Glen Oaks Community College. In his second year at Glen Oaks, Anderson averaged 24.8 points a game, enough to earn interest from prestigious schools. This interest eventually turned into a scholarship to Robert Morris University, a top Division I program. He would go on to win Northeast Conference Player of the Year in 2014, his senior year.

Karvel Anderson in action for a professional team in Italy

Anderson chose his life. Despite his challenges, he showed what it takes and allowed his adversity to mold him into a fighter and accept the challenge head-on. He is the epitome of what it means to be in relentless pursuit of your goals. In the words of Tony Robbins, “If you want to take the island, burn your boats”. When there is no way back, people tend to succeed. It is clear to see the decision that Anderson made for his life, burning his boats and never looking back.

By providing an example to us all in overcoming adversity and striving to pass any obstacle, we respect Karvel’s story. The story of a true college superstar: Karvel Anderson.

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